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Guest Poetry - Gabrielle S. Awe

Guest Poetry - Gabrielle S. Awe

A guest poem here on Fucking Poetry, Gabrielle was one of the writers chosen for narration from my 2000 follower giveaway on Twitter. I’ve never done a reading quite like this and I love the narrative, inflection and journey in this story.

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The Gift

By Gabrielle S. Awe

In the room with the green door
There is a lake by the sea
When I cross out of time
There, you will be waiting for me

In my hands I have roses

One, shadow, three

Their faces keep changing

I can’t set them free


There are seven dragons in the deep forest
They brought the silence with them
The first burns like a thousand suns
The second, poison death
The third is knives in the darkness

The others hide from their shame
The forest is wrapped in silence


I can see the forest
The darkness touches me
It whispers my name and plays with my hair
And leads me back to the tree
I ride the lonely dragon
While you keep chasing the sky

This is the road that I’ve been shown
But someone is going to die


I don’t want to go back to the room
With its door as green as a lie
I make my own way to the lake by the sea
In my hands the roses are bloody;
Their heartbeat sounds like love
They are my gift to the king


He stares at my heart for too long
It starts to wither and die
This was the price that was set
But he won’t give you back to me

I can see you there, in your cage in the sky
Still you are waiting for me

He offers to take my heart away
And then he offers to set me free

But I already know that dark door
And I won’t go where it leads


Three gifts were demanded by the king under the sea
Three gifts to deliver my treasure to me
This king had sent me to die in that forest
These gifts he did not expect to see

I handed him the gifts of the dragons
I waited for him to set you free

The dragons I had freed from their pain in the forest
They gave me these gifts for the king

He held their hearts in his greedy hands
And I watched their gifts strike home


As I walked through the kingdom of the sea
As I walked through the hall of the dead king
I wept for the gifts that the dragons gave up
And I felt you calling me home

I walked out through the room with the green door
And into the life I had left

I found you waiting alone in our silent house
You looked so lost and confused

My hands smelled like fire and blood
And I was afraid to touch you

I don’t know how to wash off this poison
Or how to be whole again

I know you long for your cage in the sky
But I have my treasure back with me

I won’t ever go back to that place

So I will forget what it’s like to ride a dragon
As long as you stay here with me

Written by Gabrielle S. Awe

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