Dominate Me

All day long, my anticipation has been building. She’d said that she had a surprise for me, but I had no idea what it was. We were pretty open and experimental, so I’m totally in the dark as to what this surprise might be - except that it was sexual, and very much so, from the slightly husky tone in her voice on the phone. So since then, I’d been wondering (more and more so as the day wore on) what’s in store for me when I arrive at her place. She’d also commented that she was home alone that evening - her flatmates had gone out, and wouldn’t be home until the next day.
So, driving there, I was already in a state of excitement, shifting myself around the driver’s seat to try and get comfortable. I couldn’t stop my imagination throwing up possibility after possibility - each more erotic, dangerous or just plain naughty than the last. And some of them were pretty naughty. This, I had a feeling, was not something I’d be able to anticipate. I feel like a teenager or something, walking up to the door, my bag covertly concealing my erection, actually nervous with anticipation as you open the door. You smile, and kiss my cheek hello, then invite me in.. You’re wearing a coat, done up to the neck, so I can’t tell what you’re wearing underneath - though I can see that you’re wearing heels, and what appear (I shiver a little when I realise) to be black stockings.
You lead me down the hall towards your room, where I can see a flicker of candlelight through the doorway. I start to ask a question, but you place a finger firmly against my lips, and your eyebrows frown at me for an instant, and I shut up.
“You’re learning already”, you whisper, and from the pocket of your coat you draw a black silk scarf, folded over itself to make a long strip. Your eyes looking into mine are the last thing I see as your arms reach around my neck to tie the blindfold behind my head.. By now, my excitement is growing stronger and stronger, and I can feel your body lightly against mine, as your fingers tie the knot tight behind my head. The smell of your skin and hair is in my nostrils, and very faintly, I can smell your excitement building.
As your hands release me to stand up again, I realise how much of a surprise is in store for me - I haven’t even seen into your room. You take my hands and lead me through the door and across the room. Blind, I am forced to simply follow you. You take both my hands in yours, and I lean forwards a little to where I think you are to kiss you. As I do, I feel cold metal around one wrist, then the other, the clacking noise of the cuffs instantly recognizable, and the cold metal feel even more so.. Holding the chain of the cuffs, you pull me forwards a step, off balance, then push me sideways. I panic for an instant, not able to see and falling, but land on the mattress.
I begin to sit up, but as I do, I feel you catch my hands again, and pull them up over my head, pushing me back down onto the bed again. Your hands are busy for another second, then I hear another click, and my own are trapped, fastened to the iron head of your bed. I pull my hands away, but the clank tells me you’ve locked me to the bed, and there’s no way I could break free from this. Now, both my hands trapped above me, I suddenly become conscious of you straddling me, one hand on my shoulder, pushing me down on the bed, your breath hot against my cheek and neck, I feel your other hand in my hair, as you wrap it around, then pull my head back.
My breathing deepens, and a soft moan escapes my lips as yours begin to tease my neck, tracing up the side beneath my ear. You turn my head by my hair, exposing my neck still further, and my body moves involuntarily as your kisses against my neck turn hard and rough, teeth and lips sending hot rushes of fire down my spine.
You sit up, kneeling over me, and shift so that I can feel your groin press against mine, my cock totally hard now, straining almost painfully against my pants.
You push your crotch against me, grinding against my body, one hand knotted in my shirt, both pushing me down and holding me, helpless and blind.. I can hear the buttons on your jacket popping as you remove it, then you rise off me again, and my body relaxes slightly.. I hear your coat land in the corner of the room, then I hear music - slow now, but hard, industrial sounds.
I feel your fingers on my shirt, undoing the buttons one by one, the cool air of the room raising sudden goosepimples across my chest.. I hear your soft chuckle as your fingers brush across my nipple, making me shiver. Your hand traces down across my stomach, making me shiver even more, raising desire, firing lust.. Your hand turns, and now five scratches start to run from my throat downwards. My back arches as my whole body pushes up, beyond my own control now.. I feel your hand pause, then squeeze my cock hard through my pants, before beginning to unbuckle my belt.
My own helplessness and desire magnify each other into a sense of erotic desperation, burning with unattainable desire, but powerless - totally at your mercy for my pleasure or pain, as you decide€¦ You slide my pants off, leaving me naked and tied to your bed, blindfolded and unaware of what will happen next..
I feel your hands on my leg, then, before I realise what’s happening, I feel fabric tighten around my ankle, pulling me down the bed a little, then the other ankle, both being pulled to the foot of the bed, slightly parted.
Now I feel your hands on my head, untying the blindfold. I blink as it is removed, and see you standing over me on the bed.. You’re wearing black silk stockings and suspenders, a black strapless corset, and long leather gloves that almost reach your elbows. You’re not wearing any panties, and my cock jumps again and I sigh as I see the creature that controls me now. I can see moisture glisten on your shaved lips, and see a flush on your throat that tells me how excited you are at having me under your total control. You drop to one knee above me, and one black-clad hand reaches down and slips around my cock, squeezing me hard, as your other hand moves across your thigh, slipping on the silk and skin towards your pussy.. I moan again, the pleasure and excitement becoming almost unbearable. I watch your black leather fingers slipping in and out of your pussy, the sight of your wetness on the leather, the total black against your pale skin and pink lips exciting me more and more.
If I was unrestrained, I’d be unable to resist my own desire by now, burning to grab you and bury myself deep inside your gorgeous hot, wet body, watching your fingers caress where I wish my cock was.. I strain against the cuffs, and they cut into my wrists again. You smile at me, then let go of my cock to grab my hair. You move up my body, and press your pussy hard against my face, pulling me towards you, grinding down on my frantic lips and tongue, deep inside you already, flicking across your clit before pushing deep into your pussy again, I lick and suck as your heave yourself against my face until your juices run down my chin and your thighs. Gasping a little, you move back, wrapping your hand around my cock once again, stroking and pulling harder now.
I’m shivering with excitement, your hand wrapped firmly around me, stroking gently, as your head bends down to take the end of my hard cock in your mouth, your tongue and lips teasing and sucking the sensitive end of my cock unmercifully. I moan again, louder.. the pleasure beyond description.. You stop, and I relax a little, attempting to regain control of myself, totally embroiled in lust and desire, straining, wanting only for you to please, please not stop these incredible feelings.
I close my eyes for a moment, and then feel your hand slip down between my legs.. My eyes snap open, then roll back a little as I feel your lubricated fingers moving over my ass, spreading moisture around the opening.. Your hand squeezes my cock hard, and shake again, gasping as I feel you begin to push the vibrator into my ass. Your eyes are looking into mine, watching my reactions. I can barely even keep track of what’s going on as I feel you pushing deeper into me. You let it go, leaving it inside me, then straddle my hips, one hand reaching behind my head to grasp my hair and pull my body forwards then my head back. I feel your lips and tongue attack my ear, your lips suck and pull the lobe, making me shake and spasm, then I feel the wetness of your pussy against the tip of my cock. Teasing, you slip the tip forwards and back across your pussy, your moist juices hot against my skin, gasping now, I cannot bear even the pleasure anymore, but you don’t stop. You push down, your pussy sliding down around my cock, and your hand slips down again between my legs, and I cannot help but push back as you push the vibrator deeper into me. Fucking me with it as you fuck yourself on my cock, the sensation indescribable as you move up and down on my naked cock, deep inside you, holding me helpless, begging you to fuck me harder, to fuck me faster, to make me cum, to let me cum, to fuck me faster. The pleasure peaks again and again, higher and higher, your eyes staring into mine as you fuck me, pupils dilated with excitement. You start to fuck me harder and faster.. My breathing breaks and I gasp, my ragged breaths matching yours, your tight wet pussy stroking my cock like velvet, I can feel your pussy clenching harder around my cock, and feel my whole body building closer and closer to orgasm, the muscles in my back tighten, my body arches against you as you drive your pussy down on me hard, deep into you.. I gasp, feeling my orgasm coming.. your groin pushing so hard against mine and the end of my cock pushing against your cervix.. Your fingers are frantically rubbing your clitoris now, your pussy beginning to spasm with your own orgasm. I cannot hold on anymore, and I scream as I cum, spraying my load deep into your spasming pussy, both of us heaving our bodies hard against each other. You fall on top of me, our lips and tongues gently kissing and licking the sweat from each other. We lie there, sated, with my cock still deep inside you.

(c) 2013-2019 Fucking Poetry
First published 1 December 2013