Sunbathing III

A beautiful day outside, too good to pass up - so the first chance you got you were outside, towel down in the backyard, clothes in a pile and stretched out, the warm sun bathing your naked body while the breeze runs gentle fingers over you, caressing your thighs and stomach, sending tiny goosebumps up your chest and over your breasts, your nipples hardening a little from the wind’s cool touch..

Of course the doorbell rings, just as you were getting comfortable. A moment’s hesitation, then you decide - too much work, and you’re far too comfortable here, with the sun and wind running warm and cool hands over you. You could, you think, do with some more hands.. And the doorbell again. It’s probably that cute neighbour, you think.. But still too much work to dress, make it to the door, even if it is that cute guy who kind of likes you. This time you don’t even open your eyes.
The bell rings one more time then stops. A sigh in relief and you wriggle a little on the towel, trying to get comfortable again.

A footstep? Your eyes snap open and your head turns towards the sound - someone’s standing on the other side of the fence! It is that cute neighbor, and he’s currently getting quite an eyeful.. You scramble to your feet, wrapping the towel around yourself, trying to decide if you’re outraged or amused - he’s looking a little like a fish, with his mouth open and evidently trying to either apologise for coming around the back, or for seeing you, or for not looking away, or something - But not really getting any of them out.

Though, you do notice he must have be interested, or at least, that’s what the bulge in his pants suggests.. He’s still trying to apologise. You decide that making him shut up is probably the best idea, and, your hands on your hips

“Do you always go around peeking into people’s backyards?”
He looks quite abashed, starting to mumble an apology when,
“without being invited?”, you continue.

He starts, and looks at you, a little confused. Perfect.

“Well?”, and you tap your foot. “Come in and apologise properly then”

He looks even more confused, but opens the gate and steps through, standing in front of you and desperately trying to look in any direction but at your body, which the towel is doing a pretty bad job of covering. The slight twitch in his pants suggests he’s not doing a very good job of ignoring the half-naked woman in front of him.

“You really shouldn’t be spying on women, should you”, and he shakes his head. You lay one hand on his chest. “because that’s not very fair”, you continue, unhooking a button on his shirt, then the one below it.. He looks stunned, but the rapidly growing bulge in his pants suggests that his cock has the idea even if his brain is having trouble catching up.

You run your fingernails down over his chest and stomach, then lay your palms on his chest - he’s a bit taller than you - “Sit down”, and he does.. Oh nice. You step astride him and give him a push back onto the grass, then drop onto him, pressing your wet pussy against his stomach - and finally his hands come up, slipping under the towel and rough-but-smooth over your sides.

While this is fun and all, you finally lose patience, undo the towel, and toss it aside. His eyes bulge a little, then more as you reach back, fumbling with his belt before you get it undone, and his pants down enough.. then shifting back so the length of his cock presses against your pussy, your juices coating him as you shift your hips forward and back.. His hands move over you, touching then rubbing over your breasts.. You reach down and feed the tip of his cock into your pussy, then wriggle your hips so that he slides into you.. You lean forward, hands on his chest as you take him all the way in, your pelvis grinding against his.. It feels so goood.. You start fucking him harder, squeezing his body with each stroke, then gasping as you push down onto him, his long hard cock slithering deep into you.. You reach up, grabbing handfuls of his hair for support as you fuck him harder and faster, your pussy tight around his cock, hearing him grunt and groan, knowing you’re close but not quite.. You yank on his hair as you grind your hips into him ..”don’t you fucking dare cum yet”, you hiss, heaving against him once, twice, three times and then you start to shake, pussy clenching him as the noises you can’t help burst through your teeth.. Spasming and thrusting on him..

You sigh, and realise he’s looking a little terrified.. You slip off his still hard cock and smile at him.. “Good boy.. You deserve a treat”.. And dip your head to lick your juices from his hard cock.. Now, you think, as your mouth closes around him and your fingernails start their work on his chest.. Now to see what noises you can make him make.

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