Sunbathing I

A beautiful day outside, too good to pass up - so the first chance you got you were outside, towel down in the backyard, clothes in a pile and stretched out, the warm sun bathing your naked body while the breeze runs gentle fingers over you, caressing your thighs and stomach, sending tiny goosebumps up your chest and over your breasts, your nipples hardening a little from the wind’s cool touch..
Of course the doorbell rings, just as you were getting comfortable. A moment’s hesitation, then you decide - too much work, and you’re far too comfortable here, with the sun and wind running warm and cool hands over you. You could, you think, do with some more hands.. And the doorbell again. It’s probably that cute neighbour, you think.. But still too much work to dress, make it to the door, even if it is that cute guy who kind of likes you. This time you don’t even open your eyes, but run your hands over your stomach, one hand moving down, fingers slipping between your legs, gently touching, then firmer as it starts to feel better and better.
You turn your head to one side and sigh as you touch yourself, wondering just how much that neighbour does like you, wondering whether he’d like to be doing this to you.. Your fingers slip inside yourself, thighs squeezing together, wet ache building between your legs when you realise you can hear a soft sound. You open your eyes and there on the other side of the fence is your cute neighbour, his eyes roving over your body, watching your fingers slipping into yourself.. The soft sound you can hear is him rubbing at his hard cock thorough his pants..
He jumps as he realises you are looking at him, sudden panicked mixture of guilt, fear and lust rushing across his face, and you give him a little smile of reassurance, your hand working faster on your body now, feeling your pussy drip at the thought of him watching you and touching himself.. He smiles back, and you close your eyes again.. A moment later you hear the creak of the back gate and, opening your eyes again, see him standing near you, his cock hard in his hand, rubbing it as he watches your fingers move in and out of your dripping pussy, the palm of your hand rubbing hard on your clit with each stroke..
You watch, mouth dry as he kneels between your legs and pushes his hard cock into your wet opening, sliding into you, your wet hands sliding across his chest.. His cock stretching you as he pushes it slowly all the way in until his hips hit yours, then slowly out again.. He reaches down and takes your wrists, holding them down by your sides as he he pushes, hard, your body shaking as his hips slam yours, then again, again, breath in gasps, his hips crashing into yours as he fucks you faster and faster.. So hot and wet already, your body catches fire, your pussy clenching and grasping at his hard cock as he pumps into you.. His fingernails on your breasts and stomach, his rhythm ragged now as you gasp€¦ You feel him ram into you one more time and can feel his cock jerk and jump inside you as he groans, cum filling you, then him moving slowly inside you as his cock starts to relax, sticky mix of your juices dripping from you both.. And he leans down, and you have your first kiss.

(c) 2013-2017 Fucking Poetry
first published 22 Janaury 2013