Amuse Mistress

After she wrapped my eyes to darkness and laid a single kiss across my lips, she explained what was to happen next.

I stood quite still as she spoke, undressing me as she did so. I did not move an inch - she had already registered Her displeasure with any unsolicited movement by introducing a very sharp fingernail in an uncomfortable place - and I am a fast learner.

The rules were simple, She said, as my shirt fell open. My duty was simple. I was to recite. To invent. To describe, she said, as her cool fingers slid across my bare chest and stomach.

If I did well, she continued, loosening my belt, if I spoke poetically, I would be rewarded. Her fingers lingered briefly on my crotch for emphasis, a single stroke of a finger along my already hardening length.

My pants fell around my ankles and she guided me to step out of them.

Her voice continued. If I did poorly, or hesitated, or stopped… She paused, her fingers slid across my chest again… found and slowly circled my nipple.. I would not be rewarded - and She punctuated this with a sudden vicious pinch.

I stood, blindfolded, doing my best to remain outwardly calm. I knew my body was already responding to her words, her slow undressing of me, her touch - any one of these would have been sufficient.. I felt her finger slide slow along the waistband of my boxers and pull it slightly, and heard the slight, satisfied smile in her voice as my swelling cock sprang free and she continued her explanation.

She tugged my shorts, and they too fell around my ankles.

I stood, hands by my side, suddenly aware of her warmth, her breath, standing close in front of me, all the nerves of my skin responding to Her presence.

“Do you understand?”

Focus. “Yes.. Mistress”

Again the smile in her soft almost-growl almost-purr “Good”, her hand slid along my shaft and squeezed it once.. eliciting an involuntary breath. Focus.

“Sit”, a command, and, blind, I hesitated, earning me another sharp pinch as a reminder.. I dropped backwards awkwardly and felt myself caught by a cushioned chair.

“Not so good” - a frown this time, and then a slow slide of rope around each ankle one by one as she bound my feet to the chair, and then my hands straight down the sides of the chairback.

I sat, still as stone, until she had me bound and blind..

“Now” she said “my poet, tell Me. Who is your muse?”

“You, Mistress”. No hesitation.

“And what, My poet, will you do to amuse Me?”

“Everything, Mistress”

Her turn to pause, briefly, savouring. I felt her hand on my chest, fingers sliding in a slow tease down my stomach. I heard the smile in her words..

“Good. Begin!”

And I spoke, the words first calm and measured, I spoke of dark within, matched by dark without, I felt her hand slide slow, caress my face, her nails trace trails across my chest as I spoke words that wrapped her up in black, wrapped her up in silk, wrapped her up in lace.

“I feel you underneath my skin, with every single touch”

“I feel your breath upon my chest, its press making my heart lurch”

I felt her hand slide lower, fingers traced along me slow

I shuddered slightly with each breath, with aches she made me grow

“I feel you excite me, powerless I’m bound”

“Passion lifts words to my lips, words of the You I found”

I heard my mistress breathing deeper, knew my words began to please her

Felt her hand grow tight about my shaft,

ached to feel her give me touch at last..

“Each touch of yours brings numbness to my face”

“I envision you all enwrapped in lace”

“To worship you with lips and tongue, would be a moment’s grace” (I said this with an aching voice, desire on my face)

“Denied” - a sharp response, I stuttered once and then,

“This time” she said: I calmed, for She was pleased again.

I spoke then of her scent and how it took my heart and rent it, of how her bliss and pleasure filled my dark.

Her slow hands’ rhythmic pumping had set my heart (and cock) to jumping and I fought to keep a steady voice and mind

I spoke of numbing fire in my thighs and growing higher and the agonizing pleasure that she gave

I murmured, stuttered passion’s thoughts that poured out from my lips, my heart, and felt Her warm breath caress my cock

I stuttered and I stumbled and a groan leapt forth, I mumbled and I earned myself a slap across my thigh,

I focused through the dark, spoke of desire’s spark and felt her slow squeeze-stroke bring out a sigh

I spoke of want through growing clouds of mist behind my eyes, her hands lay upon my thighs while I struggled

I spoke of knife-edge balance and the agonies of dalliance of her hands that stroked me from my knees to hips

I began to talk of lust and the beauty of her bust when my mind went blank at sudden touch of lips

I stumbled, such a clown as she slowly slid lips down around me, white-hot fire of pleasure up my spine

I choked out some words (too few), hunted through all those I knew and spoke one after another as I could

I tried to gather up my conscious mind, what words I could still find - then dropped them all as she began to suck

They fell unheeded, tumbled as I struggled and I stumbled, words just short of begging fell about Her

Time then lost all meaning as I began to drown in feeling, touching, and I remember but a fraction of my words

Her skilled mouth the only fact as the universe contracts and our two mouths are the only things still left

I threw my head back to the ceiling, if not tied I would be kneeling, numb dumb begging spraying forth, her hands locked upon my hips and around my bucking cock her lips and the only word still left to me was "Yessssss".. A groan deeply gestated was roughly ejaculated as my body and my words burst forth in torrents

Her lovely lips caught me and her tongue took each droplet from me as she sucked the poetry right out of me

I groaned, my head hung low, her mouth caressed me oh-so-slow, so not a single word would go to waste

She slid into my lap and gently tilted my blind face back, and laid a pair of kisses on my cheeks

Gently she stroked my chest, gave me a moment's rest, to return to my senses then she spoke

"Well done, my dear - good boy, you're my favourite poet, toy, and you earned yourself each of those delightful spasms"

"Rest assured you are not finished even though your cock's diminished - *I* will let you know when you are done"

"I have another duty for your tongue"

First published 30.8.2013
(c) 2013-2019 Fucking Poetry