Waterfall Walk

The hike there was a challenge, the path narrow and slippery with moss - but that was expected. And of course, once we arrived at the creek it was worse - upstream, wading in parts, rocks slick, but surrounded by deep green beauty, the heavy scent of damp undergrowth, everpresent rustling sounds and movement of birds - and the approaching splash and mutter of the falls. The last few sections were very steep, though I’m sure you didn’t actually need any assistance, I wasn’t objecting to my hand on your hip, or the way your hand brushed over my chest to use my shoulder as support as you climbed the last rock. And there it was.

When some people talk of waterfalls they give the impression of giant, thundering things, huge and dramatic. This was not such a fall. This was narrow, and delicate, muted and demure in its persistent splash, playfully leaping down the rocks and into the pool, just deep enough for a dip.. And after that walk, neither of us needed much encouragement. Wet clothes stripped off and laid out on sunny rocks away from the spray, a bottle of wine secure and chilling in the water, and a grin at each other as we slip naked into the chill, dirt and sweat of the trek washing away downstream, shivering and splashing the icy water at each other.

It’s too cold to stay in long, and we both clamber out onto a rock, a blanket tossed down and, shivering, toweling ourselves and - playfully - each other, then lying back under the sun, goose-pimpled skin relaxing and warming. You sigh, eyes closed, relaxing in the warmth, and perhaps you dozed a little, because the next thing you know you are cozily warm in the sunshine, feeling breath warm on your side as my lips kiss their way across your flank. A small smile on your lips, a tiny hitch in your breath as my mouth reaches your nipple and my warm, wet tongue begins to dance around it, beginning a slow beat, flick, flick, flick, circle, flick.. You realise it is in time with your breathing, slowly speeding up.. Suddenly aware of the warmth between your thighs, as my hand begins its counterpoint to the steady rhythmic dance of my mouth on your breasts, running up your thigh, brushing over your pelvis, fingertips tracing agonizingly close to your now aching, warming sex, down the other thigh..

Kisses trace their way up your breast and into the hollow of your neck, as you feel a warm body nestle into the curve of you, smiling as you stretch an arm out, my shoulder beneath it, kisses now tracing up your neck, lips tease and tug at your ear. A sudden shiver as my fingers stop their slide and slip down between your thighs, dipping into your wetness and then up, slippery now, tiny thunderbolts racing from deep inside you as my fingertips find and gently tease your clitoris.. A soft moan and gentle twitch, and you feel me slide down, warm breath and wet tongue tracing an inevitable line over your stomach, downwards, towards your centre, even now moving, pushing upwards to welcome my tongue, to tickle, to touch, to tease, and to dive inside you..

Your hips move and you reach down, fingers tangled in my hair, pushing against me with shaking desire, hot sun and cool breeze, fingers tight on your thighs, warm wet luscious tongue lapping until your eye roll and your world falls to pieces, crashing back on the rocks in fire and desire, thighs and fingernails grabbing at my head, pulling my tongue against you.. Shuddering, moaning.. Fingers relaxing, sun warming, lying, sighing, back relaxing.. You feel me move up above you, kisses now running upwards between your breasts.. A small smile and, eyes still closed, you tilt your face upwards, feeling my lips on yours, opening your mouth a little, my tongue teasing you, penetrating you, tasting yourself on my lips and face..

You feel me press against you, my hardness nuzzling at your wet, welcoming sex, slipping deep inside your soaking, desperately ready body, filling you deeper and deeper with each stroke until each long, slow, rhythmic thrust ends with clash of pelvis, thundering shocks of pleasure through you as I fuck you faster and faster..

The rock hard against your back, reaching for me with your thighs and fingernails, trying to pull me inside you further with each stroke.. You can hear my breathing ragged now, feel the sweat on my chest with your hands raised to touch me, thighs around my hips and heels digging into my ass, spurring me into fucking you harder and faster, shuddering and clenching yourself tight around me, wanting nothing now but the feeling of me bursting helpless inside you, falling shuddering in ecstasy onto your breast..

You slide your hands down my pumping body and dig your fingernails into my back, heaving against me with your pelvis, fucking me, eyes open and catching mine, bodies pounding against each other, watching my eyes and you see them flicker, mouth open a little and a tiny sigh as the rhythm staggers, falters, you feel me buck and jerk inside you as I fall forwards, forehead on yours and eyes locked, spasming and bursting, feeling cum spurting into you, tipping you over into your own orgasm, both of us falling into groans and shaking kisses, rubbing sweaty faces together until we sigh with release.. And I slip down, forehead against your chest, idly kissing our sweat from your breasts as we relax..

Afterwards, we showered under the dancing waterfall, remembered the wine, then lay dozing on the rocks again, until you decided I was ready for more, and took my sleeping body in your mouth to prove it.

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