Sunbathing II

A beautiful day outside, too good to pass up - so the first chance you got you were outside, towel down in the backyard, clothes in a pile and stretched out, the warm sun bathing your naked body while the breeze runs gentle fingers over you, caressing your thighs and stomach, sending tiny goosebumps up your chest and over your breasts, your nipples hardening a little from the wind’s cool touch..

Of course the doorbell rings, just as you were getting comfortable. A moment’s hesitation, then you decide - too much work, and you’re far too comfortable here, with the sun and wind running warm and cool hands over you. You could, you think, do with some more hands.. And the doorbell again. It’s probably that cute neighbour, you think.. But still too much work to dress, make it to the door, even if it is that cute guy who kind of likes you. This time you don’t even open your eyes.
You stretch, arms above your head, toes pointed down, one of those stretches that uses your whole body, then lie back, relaxed and enjoying the gentle caress of the breeze and the warm touch of the sun.
You hear a tiny huff of indrawn breath, and open your eyes - and there’s the neighbour, standing on the other side of the fence, staring at you with his mouth slightly open.
He hesitates, suddenly realises you know he’s there and starts looking worried.. You smile at him, slowly, then reach over and pick up the sunscreen and roll the bottle towards him.
He gets the message.
A clatter of the gate, the sound of feet and he reaches down, picks up the sunscreen. You can see his hands shaking a little, and you smile, realising he can’t take his eyes off you€¦
You roll onto your stomach, and rest your arms by your sides, hear him squirt a little cream into his hands and then feel them, gentle and tentative at first but becoming stronger and more confident, running over your shoulders and back, your arms.. His hands are large, with strong fingers, a little callused but not hard.
You sigh as his hands run over your ass and then your thighs.. His hands send shivers right up your body as they squeeze your feet, rubbing sunscreen up your calves and thighs, his hands massaging your body as they do.
You sigh again and turn over, feeling as you do how wet you are.. He starts at your feet again, and you sneak a peek, noticing the bulge in his pants as his hard cock strains against the fabric. His hands run up your thighs, and you close your eyes again, over your stomach, his fingertips venturing close to your soaking pussy but pulling away, up to massage your stomach and sides..
More sunscreen, and your arms.. Then his hands delicious on your breasts, and you sigh in pleasure.. You feel him lean over you, your lips part a little in anticipation as his lips brush yours, warm breath on your chin.. His lips find your breast, your nipple and suck as, with s cascade of tiny fires on your skin his hand slips between your legs and touches you.. Fingers a little clumsy at first but soon finding your favourite spots, rubbing and touching..
Your hand reaches out and finds his hardness, squeezing him through the cloth, undoing his pants and slipping inside, his soft-hard flesh warm in your hand and twitching as you touch it..
He bends down and buries his face between your legs, tongue wriggling into your pussy, slipping into you. You can’t help but moan, parting your thighs to let him lick you deeper and deeper, shaking with the sensations running over your body.. You realise your hands have been jerking on his cock and you free it from his pants, shuffling your shoulders to get your face closer, pulling the end of it down and sliding your mouth over it, tongue flicking and rubbing it, the sound and feel of him moaning deep into your pussy making you shake in tiny bursts, making you lick and suck urgently at his hard cock.
He licks frantically at you, lips rubbing you and tongue inside, when the fire in your belly overflows, and you shake and spasm, thighs clamped on his head as you cum from his tongue in you.. He kisses your pussy a few more times as you relax, each kiss sending shivers through you.. He sits back on his knees, eyes closed as your hand keeps stroking his hard cock.. You turn over and kneel in front of him, more comfortable now, and run your tongue over his cock, taking it in your mouth and rubbing the underside of the head with your tongue, your hands running up and down the length of his shaft.. You look up into his eyes as you suck harder on his cock, watching his face shiver, feeling his balls contract in your hand, then squeezing his cock as it starts to jerk in your mouth, salty cum spurting onto your tongue, listening to him moan and swear as you suck the cum out of him.. He finally relaxes and you push him onto his back, tugging his shorts off and unbuttoning his shirt, then reaching for the sunscreen. It shouldn’t take long rubbing this into him, you figure, to get him nice and hard again. Then you’ll fuck him senseless.

(c) 2013-2017 Fucking Poetry
first published 23 Janaury 2013