Day And Night


Good afternoon
my little one
you look like you’ve had a hard day.
Come here.

first a kiss
on the brow
and arms about you;
But I have some things planned
for tonight,
I’m sure
you’ll enjoy them too.

First I say,
the afternoon is yours
until the sun is gone

So, here.
Let me help you
with those buttons
slide the fabric from your shoulders,
from your hips
to fall forgotten
brush my fingers
’cross your lips
you step from the
confines of your day
stand free within
the circle of my arms
and we both gift
another kiss

Now, come with me.
The bath is warm
and ready
and I must say
you’re a sight for my sore eyes to see
Here - hold my arm as you step in,
Enjoy the water over you, do
relax for a moment
I’ll be back
I’ll bring us in some wine to share

Now, lean back, and let me wash your hair
And gently run my fingers
’cross your scalp
massage the scented soaps
and gently rinse them out
I’ll soap and rinse
(and gently rub)
your shoulders
smile at your contented sighs
let you lean with your wet hair against me
and lay a pair of kisses on your eyes.

draw you dripping from the bath’s embrace
wrap you in soft towels to dry
lead you to the bedroom, curtains wide
where orange light cascades across the sheets.
come, beside me in the sunset lie

I’ll let you drowse on wine and warmth and care
beneath the gentle caress on your face
I’ll read to you a tale of tragic passion
And watch you fall asleep in my embrace

I wait, my hands caress your sleeping back
you nestle in my lap, across my thighs
I feel the warmth of you, your naked body
I hear the soft sounds of your sleepy sighs

I watch the sunlight fade away to black
I wait with patience, know it nears my time
I want you rested, calm, enjoyed your day
The night and you - both are surely Mine.


The glow beyond the window
now has fade to dark
A caress across your brow,
then wraps a coil behind your ear
I hold your chin with thumb and one forefinger
and wake you with one sharp pull of hair

It’s time.

once-gentle voice, become command
chin turned and held by firm insistent hand,

lips brushed by thumb, eyes by unyielding eyes
allowed time enough to wake but nothing more
I speak with firm command and bid you rise
I speak just to remind you what’s in store


your breath deepens
’neath my touch
a palm that cups your neck
below your ear
holds you firm,
quite still and steady
possessive kiss on cheekbone;
your slow deep breath
and now I know

you are ready.

a curl of fingers
thumb a promise
laid softly now - for now
across your throat
one hand runs fingernails
in trails
tunes your flesh to starting note
fingers find your nipple, pinch
steady gaze of deep calm eyes,
hands examine every inch
of you
hands possess with pride
in you
fingers press, then slide
in you
fingers open wide
in you

Turn. Ass up.
Face flat on the bed.

You obey, revealed, your full display,
open beneath My fingers and My thumbs
My hands and My nails slide across your back;
Race sensations, alternations, both intense and numbs.

A zip, then press, hard cock slaps against you once,
rubs slowly through your wet, delightful girl
fingernails across your back, I rub against your cunt
Watch your pussy lips about My tip as they unfold, uncurl
one hand on your back, I trace the length of spine,
My thumb inside your ass reminds you what is Mine

Press forward, slide into your wet,
until our hips collide
Pause within your depths, enclosed,
caressing deep inside

My hand slides around to rub
your clit, so slow, intense
fingers tangle in your hair
with doubtless intent,
I feel you shudder, open wide
around my aching flesh
I slide out slow - back in again,
your last pause for rest

A touch, a rub, a last adjusting of position,
Prepare for hard, separate thrusts
that pound you in submission,

Count! - an order, sharp

and bodies slam together
one - is for the feeling
(each instant is forever)
two - the second marks the time
(wet sounds between our hips)
three - hard inside you kneeling
(breath gasping past your lips)
four - because you’re Mine
(bodies crash, and your mind melts)
more - numbers cease to matter
(filled with everything you’ve felt)
More - continued slow determined pace
(your aching groan just feeds me)
MORE - universe begins to shatter
(fierce smile you cannot see)
MORE! - You should see the look upon your face

And just as suddenly,
I’ve withdrawn from you
You gasp one more deep breath
waiting for what I’ll do

“Sit up!” - again commanding
you quickly obey
I take your wrists and hold them
Where I want them to stay

Parallel before you,
rope is my intent
Loop, repeat, repeat,
then spirals from the centre

wrists firm bound together
A length of rope hangs loose
I command you stand, and then
I run it to the roof.

You stand, arms held above you
About your waist another strand
Now you know what awaits you -
The Hitachi in my hand

I hook it
through the belt
of rope
about your hips

Soft tip snug
against your cunt
between your wet
and aching lips

I smile at you, my eyes
rove all about your form
I smile at you, a kiss
And then


My hands caress your breasts
your face, your ass, your thighs
I kiss your lips, your cheeks
I revel in your sighs

I watch the pleasure fill you
your ecstatic agony my own
and when you cum, I smile
delighting in each moan

Each time you cum, a brief respite
Then I turn up the device
fill you with more sensations
Your pleasure is my vice

I will hold you here, my dear
intense points of ecstasy
You will cum again, again
for as long as will suit Me.

I will
bring you water
I will
allow short rests
I will
kiss your arms,
your face
your stomach
and your breasts
I will
hold you up
I will
caress your thighs
I will
stare into you
through your
dilated eyes
I will
see each orgasm
I will
count them all
I will
kiss you for each one
I will
not let you fall

And when you’re
Gone far beyond the end
of where you thought you’d cum
I’'ll release you,
lay you down
Untie your wrists,
now rest
run my possessive hands across
your superheated flesh

Tonight, my dear, is not quite done
I’m not finished with my fun.

I allow you
to rest a while
(not much)
I keep your skin
and nerves alive
With slow enticing touch

I have not yet allowed you
to touch me even once
I know your fingers itch and twitch
and ache to reach, to pounce

You’ve watched me as I watched you
(or you did when you could)
You’ve cum for me again, again
done all a good girl should

Please, you say, for hours
the first word that was spoken
a smile and a nod
You need no further token

your fingers shaking as they reach
run stuttering across my chest
light nails down my abdomen
on my belt they briefly rest
unzip me,
slip your hand
into my pants and free
I’m aching from all I’ve seen and done
Now you can touch me

So hard in your hand
each gentle squeeze brings sighs
you ache to free the passion
That you’ve poured into my eyes

I’ve been filled with each moan I heard
each shudder-shake I saw
each orgasm I’d guide you to
excited me the more

Your hands gently cup and caress
my balls and rock hard cock
you smile, and with your liquid mouth
slowly begin to suck
Your eyes gaze into mine
Lids are heavy, my lips parted
you slowly
to finish what I started
you feel the passion swelling
texture of my desire
your mouth returning pleasure
surrounds me with liquid fire
Your gentle and insistent suck
your eyes on me alone
deep in my centre, passion knots
and you tease from Me a moan
you feel My thighs tensing
My eyes close and my head tips
Your mouth is filled with swollen ache
My pulse throbs between your lips
With every suck and hint of taste
Of what is soon to come
I moan again as you caress
your mouth will drive me numb
A gentle caress of your cheek
Becomes a shake, a pause
you hold my hips and take me in
and keep me there with claws
your answer is this instant
of perfect pleasure known,
Coming from My centre
a dark and primal groan.
You feel Me begin to shake
You feel My breath still
You feel Me swelling in your mouth
You feel Me burst and fill
Your ears and eyes
and mouth and throat
With every drop of me
Words and sight
And groans, delight
To you on your knees
Pouring passion
into you
A groan as I’m beyond the brink
and gasp at your delightful drink
of everything

and slowly I return to this
your gentle kisses on my chest
and stomach, neck
and cheeks
your hands slow squeeze-caress
draws from me a final hitch of breath
My lips a gentle brush across your brow
I tease away an errant curl
a sigh of deep satisfaction
no command, a murmur now

Good girl

We lie beside each other now
our arms are

our world

(c) 2013-2019 Fucking Poetry
Individual parts first published 2013.