What do I want?
I want you to flaunt
for me
Taunt me,

want me.

Pile greed on my need:
I’ll dive into you
and feed
on your passionate need
plant a seed
of desire
within you
a fire, higher and higher
fed by moans
and groans in low tones
I know you don’t mind
when I grind
my hips against against
yours, and I reach up and
rip thin cloth over
your skin, my lips and
tongue within you
undone, skin pales beneath
my grip,
scrape growls;
your teeth meet
in the meat
of my shoulder:
bolder now, gasp
hard slap of my hand
on your ass;
hand tangled: there,
firm grip on your hair,
turn you over,
pull you back,
crack legs wide,
feel inside you,
so wet wet
I murmur
and plunge
hard cock in
wet cunt and
I lunge deeper
and deeper
hands clenched
in your hair
hold you where
I want you
fuck you
like I hate you
I take you
and make you


(c) 2013-2019 Fucking Poetry