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Guest Poetry - Desiree Abalos

Guest Poetry - Desiree Abalos

Desiree was one of the writers selected in my 2000 follower narration giveaway on Twitter. Two short poems are below

“Hurt You” and “When we met”. Desiree explores the pain in relationships gone wrong and the tension between anger and forgiveness.

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When we Met

By Desiree Abalos

Why did you choose to dance with me?

Out of all people losing themselves in the song

what entranced you to take my hand

and lead me into your world?

If you had passed me by just like the others

I may still be dancing now, weightless and unbound.

Alas, here I am, clamped down by the chains

you had promised me to free me from.

You let me roam your garden but nowhere far beyond.

Your queen, displayed for the flock you created

donning a more convincing mask than the one I wore

When we met.

I play your game so expertly I almost do believe.

I smile when you come for me.

I smile to survive.

I smile because it’s what I am expected to do.

The only liberation I find is when I give in.

Play the game no matter what my heart may say.

My weapon is my mind and I wield it daily.

I can never sheath it and let my guard down

for I know more than anything

that I am too lost now within your sanctum

too lost to be found.

Hurt You

By Desiree Abalos

I’ve never thought of harming anyone

Never thought of wronging them intentionally

I’ve never thought myself ruthless

Never thought myself sick


I just want to hurt you

Like you’ve hurt me

Because you’ve killed me

I just want to smite you

Immobilize you

It’s suffocating

I never thought of pushing down

someone in front of a train

Never thought of laughing

at the expense of anyone’s pain

I just want to hurt you

Like you’ve hurt me

Because you scarred me

I just want to drown you

demonize you

It’s so degrading

It’s all for nothing

You’ve been dead for years

This stinging should have healed

and it’s still here….

I guess it’s true

some wounds never close

at least, not all the way

Because I want to hurt you

I’ve hurt me.

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