Erotic Poetry

Poems to titillate and tantalise, to break the silence betwen us. Read them to your friend or lover in the dark or in the sun. Find the truth that lies behind the dreams of youth or age, let the answers rage through you. Be your passion, be your flower, count the seconds, count the hours, live your life within your dreams and abandon all that seems.


Amuse Mistress

“Now” she said “my poet, tell Me. Who is your muse?”
“You, Mistress”. No hesitation.
“And what, My poet, will you do to amuse Me?”
“Everything, Mistress”

A poet serves his mistress with every word he can muster, worshipping her with all his creativity and passion.



I will use

that are


Day and Night

I watch the sunlight fade away to black
I wait with patience, know it nears my time
I want you rested, calm, enjoyed your day
The night and you - both are surely Mine.