fucking poetry is a passionate and erotic showcase of words that drip from your lips

Five Senses

The five senses are not faculties,
they may be axes
of experience

The Sense of the Familiar or Unfamiliar

Show your readers a world they understand, with strange new things to marvel over. A familiar frame for a mysterious photograph.

The Sense of Longing

Make your readers long to sink beneath your words, immerse themselves in your story, hide away from their day. Draw them there.

A sense of Intimacy

Do you speak to your reader from a podium, or sit beside them and whisper secrets to them?

The sense of Representation

Centaurs are pansexual and allergic to peanuts, but you’d never know. Don’t tell.. show your readers you know who they are, what’s important to them. If it’s important, show it, or it doesn’t exist.

A sense of Authenticity

They can tell. Do you really believe and feel what you’re writing? Are you expressing something authentic? Is it a work of art, or craft or both?

What Women Want

Release Day